The Fruit Machine
Some softened by age and sadness, others loud and angry, the voices of the survivors of Canada’s public service homosexual purge are now united, and determined. They are torqued by decades of silence, years of being ignored. They demand justice, and they want to be heard.

Theirs is a story of betrayal that is both national and deeply personal. Men and women who dedicated their lives to public service, some signing oaths of allegiance and servitude; casualties of a political tapestry woven in the fibers of acute security measures that somehow became normalized.



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Friday, March 22nd, 2019

That pic is very telling, I consoled the woman behind me, she just couldn't stop crying.

Friday, March 22nd, 2019

My friend Debby Betts is on her way to the London showing!

Tuesday, March 12th, 2019
Photos from The Fruit Machine's post

Please share this widely in your networks. The deadline is fast approaching and we don't want anyone left out. Thank you/merci.

Tuesday, March 12th, 2019
's cover photo

Tuesday, March 12th, 2019
Inside the Fruit Machine: purge still haunts LGBT community | CBC News

CBC Radio interview. Way to go, Lynne. And for anyone in Sudbury, please consider supporting the screening that Lynne and her colleagues at Laurentian have organized. This Thursday, March 14th, 6pm ... See more

A new documentary about employees in the public service who were “purged” from duty for their sexual orientation is being screened Thursday night at Laurentian University.

Sunday, March 10th, 2019

A review from queerguru in the U.S.

Queerguru reviews The Fruit Machine a captivating doc of the Canadian purge of the #LGBT community after WW2 : Screening this month at BFI Flare

Wednesday, March 6th, 2019
Women rule the 2019 Writers Guild of Canada nominations

Cheers to Canadian women writers! 🇨🇦

For the first time in the history of the awards, every nomination for TV drama and comedy writing went to women

Wednesday, February 20th, 2019
The Fruit Machine | BFI Flare: London LGBTQ+ Film Festival 2019

We're thrilled to announce that we are an official selection in the British Film Institute's Flare 2019 line-up. If you're in London, join us at our international premiere over two screenings on ... See more

A rich and compelling historical account which exposes more than four decades of governmental criminalisation of LGBTQ+ members of the Canadian armed forces.

Friday, November 16th, 2018
The Fruit Machine | IMAGE+NATION

Countdown to Image+Nation Film Festival in Montreal next weekend! Thanks to Michael Belcher for their review. Tickets also in link.

The Fruit Machine Sarah Fodey 2018 Canada 90min english Synopsis: Powerful, vital, heart-shredding – Sarah Fodey’s documentary The Fruit Machine is essential viewing for all Canadians. ... See more

Thursday, November 15th, 2018

We screen this weekend, programmed as part of the North Bay Film Festival. Post-film Q&A with two featured voices in the film: Lynne Gouliquer, Veteran and Professor of Sociology at Laurentien ... See more

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Queerguru reviews @TFMfilm a captivating on how the Canadian authorities purged the #LGBTQ community after WW2 : screening at @BFIFlare this month @ILoveGayMovies

@NRCan @sandbayent @sarahfodey @WE_MVMT @TVOdocs This was my 2nd time watching #TheFruitMachine, and it was just as powerful and as painful to watch. Thank you for organizing this event, so important to bring this awareness to our workplace

Our News Digest is out!
#Canada Must Cancel Vehicles Sales to #Saudi Arabia; #UN: Saudi anti-terror laws stifle #dissent; Watch The Fruit Machine; US lawmakers sign pledge to end #foreverwars; UK & US bombs killed 1,000 civilians in #Yemen & more #cdnpoli

Great and emotional documentary. A MUST SEE. Thank you @sarahfodey and @WE_MVMT for joining us. It was an honour to have been part of organizing this screening.

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